Highly effective, especially selected color precursors a completely new kind of carrying agent premium care substances includes coconut oil, bees wax, bisabolol (active ingredient of Chamomile) and Aloe Vera

La Biosthetique

The name La Biosthetique means “the beautiful life”, with a focus on quality and luxury in the world of hair care. The brand has been around and increasing hair product standards since the 1950s. La Biosthetique hair color is simple and revolutionary. The company’s products have no testing on animals of any kind, this products is eco friendly as possible. La Biosthitque uses ingredients that come from nature and are biodegradable. This is so that a higher quality of product will be developed and is kind to the client as well as the environment.

La Biosthetique products are Ecocert certification. Ecocert is an organisation which certifies a number of products including food, cosmetics and detergents. For a company to have its products certified by Ecocert they need to produce items which are respectful to the environment and keep to Ecocerts guidelines. The guidelines include ensuring that 95 to 100% of the products ingredients are derived from natural origins. Also, it is a requirement that the products do not contain any synthetic substances. The product contains pure water, which originates from a spring which is several hundred meters deep underground.

Since the 1950s La Biosthetique products have been created in state of the art laboratories with ingredients that keep to the company’s high quality standards.